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what I've done. 

Darlien Morales is an internationally celebrated director, producer and cinematographer with small town roots from Caguas, Puerto Rico. Winner of multiple awards in the documentary field, her works have  shown in industry's premiere film festivals, and honored at special screenings on esteemed world stages that range from the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco to the Escola Superior de Disenho Industrial of Brazil. Her works offer memorable narratives with palpable characters and poignant photography. When not making films or exploring nature, she is drawing. Her illustrations have made it to book covers, scholarship auctions, and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services programs to protect endangered species.

what I'm currently doing. 

Darlien will make her feature length directorial debut with the coming-of-age documentary, Aftermath, in 2019.  In addition to her own projects, Darlien collaborates with Emmy Award-winning filmmaker Kevin MacCarey (National Geographic writer and producer)  in the development of documentary series, among other projects. Darlien travels constantly, but has a base in Caguas, Puerto Rico and Savannah GA.

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what I'm passionate about.

Crafting meaningful stories that uncover something new about what it means to be human - specially within a natural world, bring people together, and inspire hope, awareness and action;  Organizations and individuals that educate and work for environmental conservation and sustainable living;  Nat Geo Wild marathons;  Hiking, scuba diving, travel, live theatre, music, time-lapse photography;  Everything and anything ocean related; Watching animal behavior or petting animals that don't belong to me;  Extremely dark chocolate.












Darlien’s cover art is simply dazzling. And I sometimes wonder if people are buying the book to simply frame the cover.
— Kevin McCarey, writer of Oceans Apart
It’s not easy to find a great artistic talent that at the same time is a great administrator. Darlien did a great job for us - [by delivering the videos] on time and on budget. I hope to work with her again very soon!
— Noel Quiñones, Founder of Operación Éxito
Darlien is a consummate professional. During a week in Guatemala, she showed a high degree of skill and flair in capturing images and video of individuals and groups of people over multiple locations. The resulting video is a symphony of imagery and audio that helped us tell our story in a dynamic and compelling manner!
— Louis Baker, Founder of Project Resound
Darlien was a true professional to work with. Her commitment and hard work to help execute the story are a testament to her character and strength as a filmmaker.
— Ian Moubayed, director of Keys to the City
Darlien is a well-rounded individual and hard worker, who not only delivers high quality work, but is dedicated to the tasks at hand. In addition to capturing engaging footage of everything from cafés and restaurants to live performances and events, she showed creativity and adaptability in her editing on a tight deadline.
— Andrea Six, Content Specialist at Island Communications