Kirutungo Productions

We understand the sensitive balance between conservation and aesthetics for steadfast storytelling - that's why we work with various genres, mediums and platforms.



The bridge between scientists, philanthropists and the general public. A company convinced in the central role of conservation and the power of perception.



Who we are.

We are a network of artists convinced in the central role of

conservation and the power of perception. A bridge between

the scientists, philanthropists and the general public. We are

compelling story tellers no matter the medium or location.


What we do.

Showcase the beauty and fragility of this world

through the environment and human condition

lenses.We create Award-Winning content that people want to watch, share and talk

about - enabling us to influence decisions, generate mass awareness and

create conversation among the right audience.

  • Educate, entertain and communicate a message orexperience to the right audience.

  • Craft tailor-made products that have positive ripples in society.

  • Provide businesses and organizations with the necessary tools to boost their mission and needs.

  • Love the environment, adventure, sustainability, conservation and culture.

Our Value.

We commit to projects that are meaningful. Social, environmental and ethnographic

subjects are just a few topics we’ve explored. Every project we take part in is because we

believe in the potential and impact it will have on an audience.


We want to highlight the positivity that seams overlooked and provide solutions to help

break destructive trends



Our well-traveled team of artists bring their own eclectic backgrounds, and contagious creativity to every project. They provide a collaborative experience and tailor-made products that have become our signature. We are a large network of creatives: