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“K, OK” Membership


An Ease of Mind

We all know hard-drive failure is a matter of when not if! It sure can be stressful, we’ve heard you - you don’t want to deal with the numerous drives, backups, checkups, maintenance, etc. that modern technology requires.

As a solution, use our system! We give you a special log in and you are able to access your content at your convenience - at anytime and anywhere where good internet connection exists. Think of it as a private Google Drive or DropBox, but the best part is that the storage capability is greater for the buck and no one except us will have access to it. In short, your personal cloud for less than a coffee a month.

The membership is charged on a yearly basis and you can either go with the storage needed for the content we already captured or add more space for future updates.

1TB Storage Membership

Access your footage at anytime, and anywhere there is good internet connection.


Try it for a month and if not interested your money will be reimbursed.

What happens after the year is met?

When the year ends, you have two options:

1) Renew it and no additional changes will be required. !!

2) Not to renew. You should take the followingg steps: you can download everything to an external hard drive. If time is a constrain… we can do that for you, all we ask is you for an additional drive and shipping fee.


The Social Media Buzz Bundles

Have a time sensitive product, funding campaign, program, talent recruiting season, etc. that needs to be on-going on social media while you devote your time and expertise to your business?

We know how time and high energy-consuming today's social media can be. Not only do you have to figure out when to post, on what platform, what to say, what to post….? The questions go on and we have created a solution based on your requests!

We have created a formula that has proven great results. “One on One Program” has been our latest project, and with our … service their following grew over 5K followers from 2K originally. The engagement rates went through the roof unlike any other years for “Nueva Escuela Virtual” 11K … Where we created, consistent and clever posting efforts.

Need content

Pictures, giffs, and video clips, ready for you to post three times a week for a month.

Need a lot of content

Pictures, giffs, and video clips, ready for you to post daily for a month.

Automate it!

We’ll take care of creating the content, and posting 3 times a week on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. Paying adds, also known as boosting, within each social media platform are charged separately.

Need new content? Refere to our service page, we can surely combine it with your membership.

if an add on is required?

meeting picture the end goal.

access your audience

2) we come up with the social media plan

3) you decide to approve or change anything…

4) we give you or post the updated campaign.

keep adjusting along the way.

5) We make simple replies that have been approved by you to .. customers… (this only applies to the automation plans)

6) We report engagements, and posts with most success, so we can improve as we go…

When we captured your story we captured loads of content that can help call the attention of your audience and bring new… and so why not use that? Why not help you creat that social media buzz you need to grow your business? We can also work with new content that you upload to our cloud.

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